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‘’Never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." Rahm Emanuel


The Winners Group have used the past few months to analyse the way we do business. For the foreseeable future traditional sales calls, trade shows and how to connect with clients will be different. Certain things became evident as far as costing structures were concerned. One, the need to have a big office infrastructure is no longer important. Two, adapting the resources we need for a far more interactive and digitalized online presence.


What we have gained from this crisis is time to hibernate, reflect, re-asses, re-define and emerge with a “new spirit” of who we are and how we do business. It also allowed us to let our minds run wild and re-explore our beautiful destinations and the stories and journeys we tell… The time has come now to soar to new heights by offering truly unique products and services that reflect our people, our culture, our beautiful lands…


It gives us great pleasure to transform from Winners Inbound – Southern Africa to The Destination Management Curators Southern Africa (The DMC SA). With a simple name change, we are stepping outside the box and into a multi-dimensional, creative, authentic Africa. Our core DNA is one of passion, commitment, personal relationships, high standards of delivery and accessibility. These qualities have been our roots for the past 22 years under the Winners brand and continue to be our foundation, just in a new format! 


The rebrand of the Winners Inbound-Southern Africa, incorporating the existing Africa Concierge division, will allow for a simpler, less resource-heavy business to emerge. By implementing a more permanent work from home strategy with a much smaller ‘plug-in and work’ space, a smaller permanent team and more outsourced talent, every decision ensures our survival whilst still offering our inbound clients the same, high standards of work, speed of response and authentic and creative offerings with our renowned “added value, personal touch” approach.


The Outbound Incentives Agency of The Winners Group remains focused on their corporate base and global destinations and will continue to trade as Incentives for Winners (Pty) Ltd.

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